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Amazing Story - Natalie Chapman - 90 Days 2015

Natalie is on the last stage of doing 180 gigs in 90 different towns over 90 days. Wow,

Free Music Technology/Sound Engineering Course

I'm publishing a FREE Music Technology/Sound Engineering course for anyone interested.

Get the balance Right

Sound mixing is all about balance - full stop. OK add a bit of fairy dust with time based effects, but.

Inside Abbey Road & Recording The Beatles

Many thanks to Google for their look inside Abbey Road Studios.

Looking to release a single? Read this first

For any independent artist looking to release a single (or album), it's amazing much prep work needs to done prior to release.

A Grammy Nominated Artist Shares His Royalty Statements

In timely fashion, following on from my last Blog post "Spotify - Marmite of the Music Industry", Armen Chakmakian a Grammy nominated artist has made public his royalty statement highlighting the abysmal remuneration musicians are currently getting from digital streaming sources.

14,227 performances of music (almost every track 100% owned by the artist) generated $4.20 !!!!

Read the full article HERE.

Surely this has to change. Yes music should be made first and foremost for fun and for a release of inner creativity, but once that has happened and once the music in question is bringing in monetary rewards, there should be a fair share for the talent that made it happen.

Is anyone really making money out of Music streaming?

In a recent article published by (see full article HERE) it reported that Spotify has lost a total of $200 million since it was founded! (These figures are according to a report last year based on its financial disclosures written by PrivCo, a firm that studies private company performance. Spotify declined to discuss its balance sheet)

Is anyone really making any money? Is it just diluting the brand of music for no gain?

Spotify - Marmite of the Music Industry

As our beloved music emporium continues to fall into disrepair through lack of financial input one issue seems to be dividing us all.

Streaming services (I've named Spotify as they are getting the most publicity, but please read here others based on similar models), do you love them or hate them?

YouTube For Artists

Are you a recording artist?

Do you upload video content to YouTube?


YouTube has announced it's looking to improve the service it gives to recording artists. It's starting with a new set of pages called "YouTube for Artists". If you haven't already visited this area a link is here.


Hopefully this is the first step in recognising the importance of supporting the creative talents of this world, both in the tools and advice to optimise their works and also a step towards getting the monetary rewards to a sensible level in what is at the moment a broken system.


Watch this space "YouTube for Artists"

Song Lyrics

If you are a involved in the creation of music backing tracks and are looking for lyrics or need song lyrics for any reason, please check out my songbook while you are here.

These are song lyrics available to use (subject to the usual copyright laws).

New songs are being added all the time so check back from time to time to see what's new. Bespoke lyrics can be written upon request, just get in touch.


“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Great quote here at start of this blog post ... Mixcoach Blog .... Good content too, enjoy the read.

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