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'THE BC' - Funky Rock Music with a Soul:


Amidst the chaos and disorder of world events late 2016, emerged a bright new dawn in funk rock music.  Three musicians from three different nations came together, united as one, to form the new international supergroup 'The BC'.


Forward to January 2017 and the release of their debut single "Silent Disco".  It's a busy year ahead for the band, combining the promotion of their debut single, via radio slots & interviews, with the recording of their forthcoming album, to be release later this year.  With 16 songs already written for the album, they are currently camped in their studio in Kaidenbourg, France on recording duties.


'The BCs' sound bursts from the speakers.  A punchy, fun-filled 'Funky Rock Soul' fusion, pulling influences from past decades into the present, tipping their hats to bands such as 70s 'Hello' & 'James Brown' and 90's jamiroquai.  ‘The BC’ consists of musicians Will Echo - vocals & lyrics; David Poyourow – guitars; & Frank Kozlowski - keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals & sound design.  They will also be joined in the studio by guest musicians including, amongst others, top German drummer Reiner Morgenroth.


This is a band of the highest professional calibre, with bags of talent and a human touch, with the emphasis on musical performance, not computer generation.  Will Echo is already a successful British singer-songwriter in his own right.  He pens the lyrics and provides the vocals.  David Poyourow has been an established US guitarist since the age of 16 and has worked with some of the music business greats, including Tommy Lee and award-winning producer Scott Humphrey.  David works his magic here on the funky guitar grooves.  Frank Kozlowski is a classically trained, award winning composer and multi instrumentalist who in the past has scored music for the Universal Music Group, working alongside legendary musicians such as American drummer Kenny Aronoff and has been a session keyboard player in Germany.  Frank also owns the recording studio in Kaidenbourg, France where ‘The BC’ currently records their debut album.  Frank is a leading sound designer and film soundtrack scorer and produces, mixes and masters ‘The BC’ recordings.  


This is a band on a mission.  To bring fun, creativity, performance and great music back into the world.  They know what they are doing and where they want to be and with the release of their new single, "Silent Disco", and their forthcoming album, they look destined to achieve greatness.  They bring a positive message in their songs of "enjoy the moment, seize the day, have fun in all that you do, love life and love funky music"


The future is ‘The BC’, the hottest International funk rock supergroup set to dominate Funk Rock music for years to come.


Silent Disco

Get Moving


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